Tom King Says He Got Off Batman To Come On New Gods

Last month, it was rumored and confirmed that Tom King would be leaving Batman early at #85, despite previous claims that his run would last over 100 issues. Not too long after, it was revealed that King would be co-writing the New Gods movie with Ava DuVernay. Well, what do you know? These two things are connected.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, King explained that despite being Master and Commander of the CIA which forced him to stay awake 25 hours a day for years at a time, he found this schedule tough.

“I’m working on a DCU movie now (New Gods with Ava DuVernay) and a secret TV show thing that hasn’t been announced. DC was kind enough to see that doing all that and a twice-monthly Batman would be tough.”

But don’t worry about King leaving comics completely. There’s always Batman/Catwoman, his new 12 issue series.

“So they divided the Batman book into two monthly books, Batman and Batman/Catwoman. Bat/Cat will complete this epic story we’ve been telling and lead to this game-changing moment I’ve been hinting at. Batman will…well, I can’t tell you, but it’s very cool. But, because of the beats that will be handled in Batman, I have more room for my storylines in Bat/Cat, which means that the twelve issues can cover all of the story that was part of the original plan.”

Joining King on Batman/Catwoman will be Clay Mann. No new creative team has been announced for the main Batman title. As for his secret TV show, we can only guess it covers the time he founded the CIA.

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