‘Batman & Catwoman’ Await Their Angel of Death!

It’s very weird to see Batman & Detective Comic comics play off one another themes. Batman Writer Tom King‘s long-standing story has been Bane’s attempt to break the Batman, while in Pete Tomasi‘s Detective Comics Batman himself plays out a V.R. scenario designed to break him.

Once again the themes cross with the comics introducing a cross-media character. For Tomasi, it was the Arkham Knight, a villain who appeared in aptly named video, Batman: Arkham Knight. For King? Well, today he just tweeted just who will be the main villain in his Batman & Catwoman maxi-series out next year:

The Phantasm is coming to comics at long last having first been seen the very first Batman: The Animated Series movie, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993), appeared in a sequel comic (Batman &Robin Annual #1) and then had a cameo in an episode of JLU.

Based slightly on the Year Two villain, the Reaper (who coincidentally just appeared in Tomasi’s Detective Comics Annual just last week), had a longstanding relationship with Bruce Wayne prior to being Batman. Will it be that way in the comics? Probably…

It’s just so weird how much similar themes mix between the two comics so much. Anyway, Batman & Catwoman will arrive next January.

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