Microsoft Teases The Next Generation Of ‘Xbox’: “Project Scarlett”

It’s that time again, not only is the big USA gaming convention E3 here, but the next generation of videogame consolves is just around the corner. Earlier this year Sony teased us with a few details on its next PlayStation console, and now it is Microsoft‘s turn.

Like Sony, Microsoft did not show us what the next console would look like. Also like Sony, Microsoft talked a lot about load times for games, fast SSD, and ray tracing (a rendering technique for graphics). There were a lot of buzzwords in the introduction to the Project Scarlett, the code name for the next generation of Xbox. Here’s a brief summary:

– Like Google’s Stadia, Microsoft talked about being able to game on different devices, eg: PC, console, mobile

  • Load times will be faster
  • 4x faster than Xbox One
  • Native 4K resolution (8K capable) at 60fps, up to 120 fps
  • Next generation hardware accelerated ray tracing
  • Fast load times
  • Next generation SSD , 40x faster than current consoles
  • Immersion!
  • Your gaming “career” comes with you
  • Did we mention load times?

The next generation of Xbox will launch Holiday 2020, alongside the next Halo game: Halo Infinite.

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