One Episode In; ‘Swamp Thing’ Has Been Already Canceled!

Last week, Swamp Thing premiered on the DC Universe streaming service. Having seen the first episode myself it was a good start and I wanted to see more. Well, looks like this season will be the only season of Swamp Thing viewers of the service will be getting, as Bloody Disgusting has reported via various sources (the original being GeeksWorldWide) that the show has been cancelled.

GWW is reporting that an Warner Bros. executive wanted the show to be more like a DC show from the CW and that cast/crew were notified by the decision last night. Bloody Disgusting also reports that another reason of the cancellation is due to the show-runners of the series were split on what it wanted to be. One of them wanted it to be straight up horror, while the other wanted it to be “procedural”.

Both sites claim that again something is going to happen with the service as the higher ups aren’t happy with the service since it’s debut late last year. Again, this is more of executives not letting a streaming service breath (Bloody Disgusting brings up the good point of the Shudder streaming service as a good example) and the fact that only now is the service making it to consoles (PS4, Xbox One, and Switch FINALLY got the service just two months ago after being around for six months prior).

****Update**** So another reason more probable reason for the cancellation of Swamp Thing has been tweeted by John Gholson (from and Fandango) says the real reason Swamp Thing was defeated was by– taxes?!

Yes, taxes. Apparently the whole ruckus that began this show’s downhill turn on why it was abruptly only given ten episodes instead of the intended thirteen. How you ask? Filming for the show was in North Carolina, who promised a $40 million dollar tax cut for the show that was never given, instead a $14 million dollar one instead. Given the MASSIVE difference between the two, the moment the error on North Carolina’s end was found out, Warner Bros. shutdown production of the show instantly.

Gholson also posted this link as well showing how North Carolina screwed up their budget with the film industry. Basically, the grant the state government approved didn’t actually have the $67 million dollars in funding the film industry as it had hoped. YIKES. This literally gives new meaning to “draining the swamp” doesn’t it?

So there you have it why Swamp Thing was probably canceled– due to North Carolina, who’s state government is truly the greatest enemy ever of the character.

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