A Justice Leaguer Shonen Off in Justice League #25!!

Back during my the Outhousers days, I published a weekly and monthly column Moment of the Week, which was decided by you the fans the votes (whether some liked it or not). They would be moments none the less that showcase why people read comics. Either the drama or in this case the entertainment value that only comics can deliver. Also a column which I really want to bring back, but we still haven’t mustered enough readers to keep it afloat either here on the front page or the forums of this very board.

I’m also a spoiler fiend, and in usual cases I’m spoiling bad things you should avoid (more on that later). But there are moments in comics that should be talked about more. THIS is one of those moments that occurred in Justice League #25. I can easily see this or what happened in this week’s The Walking Dead #192.

Besides, this moment being extremely awesome, this is also me showing off my brand new SPOILER WARNING! banners made possible by my friend psuedofolio:

Eat your heart out Bleeding Cool. I see what ya did there with your own variant on Spoiler Warnings lately. But now the SPOILER WARNING! game has now been upped/PERFECTED thanks to wonderfully adorableness psu can provide!


Now, back to talking and showing a moment that is so very of being THE MOMENT OF THE WEEK this week with Justice League #25. Yes, another site aka PIP PIP! talked of one moment. But THIS moment here. JUST LOOK AT IT:

Seriously, artist Jorge Jimenez needs a freaking raise for delivering a moment like this. Likewise, writer Scott Snyder well, the man just seems to be a infinite well of glorious moments. So yeah, if you can go buy Justice League #25. The creative team for supplying this moment alone deserve it! Well, okay it deserves to be bought for this reason and a few others. BUT this moment ALONE deserves to be bought.

Will this be the only moment I talk about this week in comics? Probably not. Can this lead to me talking about a comic’s Moment of the Week? Very much so…


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