Jim Lee Takes Time Out Of His Busy Non-Drawing Schedule To Design Backpacks

Hex has partnered with DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee to create a line of backpacks for artists and comic collectors. The Kickstarter has already raised over $63,000 in its first day.

The backpack for artists was designed with artists in mind, giving them a variety of details including a removable artist portfolio, a faux-fur lined laptop pocket, waterproof pockets, and sick Jim Lee Batman art.

Meanwhile, for comic book collectors, the backpack has fleece lined pockets for your CGC-graded books because real comics fans don’t read comics. It also has a pocket for a copy of the Overstreet Price Guide because Jim Lee still thinks its 1992.

For those fans who value security, the bag has an anti-theft zipper lock to keep your precious comics safe. It also has an exterior phone pocket, so your phone can get easily stolen.

Did you think it wouldn’t come with custom Jim Lee Batman art? You thought wrong.

For a mere $120, or the price of 24 comics, the Jim Lee Collector Backpack can be yours.

Jim Lee knows that most comic artists are rich like he is, so they wouldn’t think twice about paying $240 for the Jim Lee Artist Backpack.

Did we mention it has sick Jim Lee Batman art?

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