DC Rumored To Shutter Vertigo, Comics Fans Surprised Vertigo Still Exists

The latest word out of the rumor mill is that after 26 years, DC Comics is going to shutter the Vertigo imprint. While the imprint has limped along in recent years, it was the home to classic comics including The Sandman, Preacher, 100 Bullets, Y: The Last Man, and Fables.

Comicspit has an EXXXCLUSIVE statement from DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio: “With all these newer imprints, we thought we closed Vertigo years ago. But like everything else that gets killed comics, we’ll probably bring it back in 18-36 months.”

Vertigo Comics was created in 1993 by Senior DC editor Karen Berger as a home for more mature content at DC. While some Vertigo titles were being adapted for movies and television, this wasn’t enough for then-President and CEO of Warner Bros Entertainment, Alan Horn, in 2012. Upon finding out that most of the titles were creator-owned, he demanded changes to Vertigo’s contracts, which led to an exodus of talent including Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, and Neil Gaiman.

As part of restructuring in 2012, Berger was was fired by DC Comics and replaced by Shelly Bond, who was eventually fired by DC in 2016. Both Berger and Bond landed on their feet though with their own imprints, Berger Books at Dark Horse Comics and Black Crown at IDW Publishing, respectively.

2018 saw a relaunch of the imprint, but has been muddled with issues. Border Town was cancelled after four issues when sexual harassment claims were brought against writer Eric Esquivel. Second Coming by Mark Russell and Richard Pace was cancelled before it was even released due to controversial content. By a publisher that once released a comic where a preacher goes on a road trip with a vampire to literally find God.

Other DC imprints include DC Ink (for YA books), DC Zoom (for middle grade books) Young Animal (for Gerard Way fans), and Black Label (for Batdong and mature fans). So why would they still have a need for Vertigo?

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