Joshua Luna Called Out Image For Refusing To Publish His New Book; Erik Larsen Responds

Joshua Luna is a Filipino American comics creator and one half of the Luna Brothers, whose work includes Ultra, Girls, and The Sword, all published through Image Comics. He recently took to Twitter to talk about how Image wouldn’t publish his new graphic novel AMERICANIZASIAN.

In short, Luna claims a Partner at Image said his story was too negative and couldn’t sell if no one could relate to it, but was eventually greenlit. He also claims that once a cover was submitted, it wouldn’t be able to be used due to copyright issues and he never received feedback for changes.

In an interview with The Beat, Luna talked about the response to his going public and the possibility of a lawsuit.

Puc: What are you hoping for in a resolution to this issue?

Luna: Within hours of going public with what happened, I received an email from the partner describing my post as slander, libel and outright lying. So honestly, the first thing I’m hoping for is to not get sued for speaking truthfully about how I was mistreated.
The next thing I want is to not get blacklisted. I think comics and the media industry as a whole has been dragging its feet in acknowledging the history and severity of anti-Asian narratives and imagery, to the point where it’d rather kill the messenger than acknowledge the message.
I also don’t want to be discarded so that later on someone else who’s “less angry” gets the opportunity to tell my story, especially if that person has white heritage. That’d only add insult to injury.
Overall, what I want is what I’ve wanted from the start: searching for a home to publish AMERICANIZASIAN so that I can tell my story in my own words.

While Luna didn’t name the Image Comics Partner in question, Image Partner Erik Larsen took to Twitter to add that the only Partner involved with approving Image Central books is Publisher Eric Stephenson.

The story is ongoing.

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