DC Shows off Creative Teams & Covers for Next Batch of ‘DC Ink’ Titles at BookCon 2019!

DC Comics had a BookCon panel featuring their DC Ink label yesterday and had the creative teams from the first wave talking about them. They also were showing off the covers and full creative teams (we only knew of the writers for these graphic novels, not any of the artists who’d be drawing them– until now) for the next batch of graphic novels from the Young Adults line. Here’s the full batch and the matching covers with them (okay save the Raven one):

Teen Titans Raven by will be the next DC Ink graphic novel coming out July 2, 2019. It’ll be by writer Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo.

Following this graphic novel the very same creative team will be returning spring next year with Teen Titans Beast Boy.

The pair won’t be the only Teen Titans getting a DC Ink graphic novel as Dick Grayson will be getting one also with The Lost Carnival: A Dick Grayson Graphic Novel. The book will be written by Michael Moreci and drawn by Sas Milledge.

The remaining three are also Batman-themed. Though this one more than the other two as this is very reminiscent of a failed early-2000s cartoon that only made it off the concept designs with Gotham High. Melissa de la Cruz will be writing the graphic novel with Thomas Pitilli providing art.

The Oracle Code will feature Barbara Gordon in her other non “iconic” persona with Marieke Nijkamp writing it and drawn by Manuel Preitano.

Finally, we have– wait that can’t be right. Shadow of the Batgirl which features Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. Does Dan Didio know about this? This is so not very iconic featuring the not but is to me iconic Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. How did this get approved on his watch? Is Dan Didio okay?

Just kidding– or is Dan Didio kidding us all by teasing many with this graphic novel before yanking it away from us?

Kidding aside, this graphic novel will be written by Sarah Kuhn and drawn by Nicole Goux.

Yes, I fully confess I will be buying a hard copy and a digital one of this one in particular. All save for Teen Titans Raven again will be out in the Spring of 2020.


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