Toonami to Suit Up Again with ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: the Origin’!

Gundam is returning to Toonami. The two have bound together the moment the later aired Gundam Wing when it reinvented itself in 2000 and with promos unmatched to this very day:

Since then, Gundam has been as much a hallmark on the Toonami line-up as Dragonball has been. So it isn’t surprising at all that Gundam is returning once again to Toonami with Mobile Suit Gundam: the Origin.

The prequel series takes place before the original Mobile Suit Gundam (which aired in 2001 on the action block but controversy surrounded it’s US airing on the animated block with the series being yanked and the final episode airing on New Year’s Evil marathon the very same year). To this day, this is probably still my favorite Toonami intro:

The announcement was made via their Facebook page. As for what time the show will air during the line-up is unknown, but it will be announced no doubt in a few weeks. What’s known it’s to suit up on Toonami once again.

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