Marvel #1000 Cover Features First DC/Marvel Crossover in Years!

Marvel and DC Comics are finally having a crossover at long last! Yes, it’s been fifteen years since the last one (Avengers/JLA in 2004), but appears after so long the hatchet is finally buried! How you ask? In the wraparound cover to Marvel #1000. Here it is:

Catch the DC character in the official cover that was released in Marvel Solicitations from yesterday? You didn’t? Well, here’s that DC character:

Yes, Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern in his New 52 incarnation from the comic Earth 2 #2 is on the cover to Marvel #1000 for some reason. Here’s the page of that comic:

Yep, that’s the same image all right. And artist for the comic Nicola Scott knows it as she tweeted today this:

The artist for the cover, Mr. Garcin apologized at the fact that when making the collage cover he didn’t know it was a DC character he had included in it.

It seems Nicola has no problems with this at all, but will Marvel and will the variant cover be changed now that its been revealed a DC character is appearing on one? I guess we’ll find out when Marvel #1000 hits comic shops in August.

****UPDATE**** I guess not. Newsarama confirms that Marvel will be altering the image out of the cover.

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