‘Star Trek: Picard’ Teaser Seems Kind Of Wine-y

Last August, CBS confirmed that The Next Generation would continue on with a new series starring Jean-Luc Picard. Recently, the title of the series was revealed to be Star Trek: Picard. Previously the new series was said to tie into the events of the 2009 Star Trek reboot movie which started the dissolution of the Romulan Empire, which may be the event that is hinted that in a new teaser that was dropped today:

The tagline for the show seems to be “The end is only the beginning…” which is echoed in the new key art for the show:


It looks like during the new series, Picard returns to the family vineyard that his older brother Robert Picard was running in The Next Generation episode Family, and which Jean-Luc returned to in an alternate future in the series finale All Good Things…. Will that alternate future come true? We’ll see if Jean-Luc will have to deal with Irumodic Syndrome in his new series as well…

Star Trek: Picard is listed as “coming soon”.

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