Brightburn Screenwriters Adapting A DC/Vertigo Story For New Line

Mark and Brian Gunn, screenwriters of the superhero horror film Brightburn, gave an interview to The Beat recently where they were asked what they’re working on next and while they didn’t give many details, they did reveal a little.

“Among other things, we’re working on sort of a DC/Vertigo adaptation for New Line that we can’t totally talk about it, but it is not a heavy horror idea, I will say that.”

New Line has been trying to get a Sandman film off the ground for years. Another DC film that could qualify is Justice League Dark, which has also been in development hell. Other possible Vertigo titles could be 100 Bullets, American Vampire, Sweet Tooth, and The Unwritten.

Mark and Brian Gunn are the brothers of writer/director James Gunn and actor Sean Gunn. Their previous screenwriting credits include Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Bring It On Again.

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