Rumor: Tom King To Prematurely Get Off Batman After Issue #85

UPDATE 3PM PST: DC Comics’ unofficial PR outlet Valnet Inc. Presents Comic Book Resources confirmed Tom King would be leaving Batman by the end of the year, but he has multiple unannounced projects in the works at the publisher still.

ORIGINAL STORY: This morning a semi-reputable rumor rag ran a piece that writer Tom King would be prematurely leaving Batman at #85, despite King’s insistence that his run would last over 100 issues.

It’s unclear why King is leaving the title early. It could stem from his desire to show more nudity in the Batman books, despite DC Comics willingness to delay books in order to erase any sign of visible dong hanging. Or maybe one of the higher ups realized King wanted to ruin Batman forever, not to be confused with the previously ruined film Batman Forever, and let him go before he could wreak havoc.

King took to Twitter this morning to not dispel the rumor, but to thank everyone.

Frequent King collaborator Mitch Gerards also took to Twitter to vaguebook about new possibilities.

What could he know? The world may never know.

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