‘Ghost-Spider’ Gets Another Series At Marvel

Ghost-Spider aka. Spider-Gwen aka. Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 is getting yet another chance at a series this August. Spider-Gwen, who actually went by Spider-Woman as a hero name was introduced in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, as one of the stories in the Spider-Verse event series. She of course crossed over into the Earth-616 universe, aka. the Marvel Universe we all know, and has gone back and forth many a time.

Her most recent series, Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider recently ended with issue #6, but you can’t keep a ghost down for long. Her new series, Ghost-Spider, will start weaving its new stories in August. The new series will have Gwen swinging between Earths 65 and 616, as she starts as a student in 616’s Empire State University. Here is how Assistant Editor Danny Khazem describes the series:

After dipping her toes into the main Marvel Universe, Gwen Stacy is finally taking the leap part-time as she enrolls in Empire State University” … “But Gwen’s going to need to do her Spider-History research if she’s going to figure out just who from Spider’s past is keeping tabs on her!”

Seanan McGuire will reprise his role as writer from the previous Ghost-Spider series, this time joined by Takeshi Miyazawa on art.

Ghost-Spider #1 cover by Jorge Molina
Ghost-Spider #1 variant cover by Joe Quesada


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