Ghost Rider Producer Buys Atlas Comics Library To Make More Movies No One Will See

Steven Paul, producer of Ghost Rider, has announced that he has acquired a majority interest in the Atlas Comics library and signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to develop, produce and distribute superhero films based on the comic books. Akiva Goldsman, writer of Transformers: The Last Knight and Batman and Robin, will oversee a writer’s room to develop the universe.

Unfortunately, Paramount ran into into two terrible pieces of luck in this deal. First, they mistakenly thought they were purchasing the rights to superheroes anyone cares about, like the properties of Atlas successor Marvel Comics. Secondly, they believed they were hiring actor Jon Voight as a consultant on the new superhero universe, but they accidentally hired John Voight, the Periodontist.

Atlas Comics published such comics as Man Comics, The Monkey and the Bear, and Bible Tales for Young Folk.

Production on the first project is set to begin in 2020 for a 2021 release.

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