Antarctic Press August 2019 Solicitations

Cookie and the Kid #2 (of 5) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Alex Kosakowski
Bombs away! Cookie the elf and his best friend, Mutt, are supposed help Sylva, another young elf, put the finishing touches on her trebuchet so maybe it can catapult the human child out of the faerie world before the Hill King finds her. Unfortunately, Cookie’s more interested in lunch than launch, so things don’t go as planned…

Exciting Comics #4 (full color, bimonthly, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Cover: David Hutchison
After the shocking events in the 100-page extravaganza, the Superverse will never be the same!
Black Terror has met his demise, but a new legacy is reborn. Who or what is the new Black Terror? The Crimson Scorpion returns as the professor, surviving a brutal massacre, is now coming to grips with his new powers. But a new evil is born in the wreckage he left behind! Also in the cards is another round of Bradley Golden’s thrilling Black Jaq! All this plus more that will leave you breathless!

Exciting Comics #4 Crimebuster 76 Variant (full color, bimonthly, 32 pgs., $9.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Cover: Brian Denham
Bullies beware and flagrant foulers fear her! Crimebuster’s out for some dangerous play to stop their misconduct, and she’s got the drive to make her goal of scoring free hits on some raised balls! Don’t end up in the penalty corner—scoop your copy of this today—or score a hat trick with three!

Gold Digger #269 (monthly series, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Fred Perry
Here, at the end of Gina’s long journey through the omniverse, she must say farewell to all of the friends and allies she’s made along the way. And she’ll miss the little knight, the brassy “eternal squire”, most of all! But when it’s time to part with the fantastic tools and items she’s been loaned, there is one she has… difficulty… giving up. After all, she helped procure the magicked root and its life support power. Yessss. Why shouldn’t she keep it? It’s… precious.

Leave on the Light #2 (of 3) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99)
Story: Bradley Golden & George Aguilar
Art: Stan Yak
Cover: Helmut Racho; Flip Cover: Oscar Pinto
Delve deeper into the history of the Butcher, learning how he obtained these horrific abilities to use electricity as his weapon! Knowledge is power to dispel darkness too, but will it be enough?

Leave on the Light #2 Foil Virgin Flip Variant (of 3) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $9.99)
Story: Bradley Golden & George Aguilar
Art: Stan Yak
Cover: Helmut Racho; Flip Cover: Oscar Pinto
We all shine on with this limited virgin variant foil cover. Don’t be blinded by the light, reserve your copy today and help us keep the lights on—for all our sakes!

Punchline #10 (monthly, full color, 32 pages, $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Bill Williams
Art: Matthew Weldon
While on the payroll of a tech billionaire, Versema runs into an ancient threat coming all the way from the 1980’s. Now she has to fight her way back home from low Earth orbit. Guest-starring the Black Arrow!

Punchline #10 Sat on a Satellite Variant (monthly, full color, 32 pages, $9.99 U.S.)
Story: Bill Williams
Art: Matthew Weldon
You’ll be over the moon for this month’s stellar variant cover! Join the space race to your local retailer and put in a (re-)entry for your copy today before they rocket off the shelves.

Strong Box: The Big Bad Book of Boon #3 (of 8) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99)
Story: H. Thomas Altman
Art: Sebastian Sala
“Hot Dame, Cold Slab”
Frank the Flying Eye Detective’s first epic confrontation with the serial killer known as Dixon has ended brutally. He seeks an alternate path to stopping him via soothsayer Rosemarie Palewood, who shows him to the Strongbox, a conduit between Earth’s realm and a pocket universe known as the Anti-B3yond. There, Frank meets the Savance, a trio of psychic-powered beings who have sworn an oath to destroy Dixon in order to save their entire race from genocide!

Wall-Might: First Term, Part II (one-shot, full color, 32 pgs., $4.99 U.S.)
Story: Timothy Lim, Mark Pellegrini
Art: Timothy Lim
The sequel to 2018’s best-selling political parody, My Hero MAGAdemia: Wall-Might! Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini, (Black Hops: U.S.A.-*-G.I., Thump: The First Bundred Days), return to continue the saga of Wall-Might, America’s Champion. This time, Wall-Might and Might-Fence are up against Burning Sanders, the infernal anarchist summoned by the Shadow Government to corrupt America’s heroes with his latest weapon: The Blue Pill. To stop Sanders and his Youth Resistance, Wall-Might will need to collect all six Winfinity States before it’s too late!

William the Last: Shadows of the Crown #2 (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Brian Shearer
Troubled by a vision, William can’t shake the sense of being drawn into the wilderness to find the two mysterious visitors who called to him in his dream.

Planet 9 #3 (of 4) (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99)
Story: Matt Spradlin
Art: Tariq Hassan
The four alien ambassadors head back to Planet Nine, where they confront a fifth alien and reveal their true plans for Earth. Glenis and Brandon contemplate the aliens’ symbolic names and discuss dark visions, while Ron gains insight into the aliens’ agenda from the local Hopi Indians.

Team MOBILE Vol. 2 #3 (of 3) (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Matthew Spradlin & Jonathan Kendrick
Art: Larry “Spike” Jarrell
After a mission to steal a piece of greatly needed tech reveals the traitor on the team, our Mind Merge heroes have one final confrontation with McCready at his hidden base. The showdown may not go as anyone expects!

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