‘Rick & Morty’ Return THIS NOVEMBER!

Rather, than you know just hold on the fact and unleash a season premiere randomly as they did in the previous season, This time around, we have an official confirmation when Rick & Morty Season 4 will happen.

No looking at the calendar and think, “Will this be the day that Rick & Morty will premiere a new season? Why am I even looking at a calendar, I should be used to this by now if I’ve watched the Venture Brothers!” That or harass creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland into when the hell will they get a release date resulting in SURPRISE releases.

Nope. We know exactly when Rick & Morty WILL return. November 2019. Yeah, that’s right. This year. So with that out of the way here’s the official announcement:

I can really go for some McDonald’s Szechuan sauce right about now. ….

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