Disney Takes Full Control Of Hulu

What the Mouse wants, the Mouse gets. And this time it was Hulu.

As reported last month, Disney was trying to get NBCUniversal to give up its 33% ownership of Hulu and Disney has gained full control of the streaming service effective immediately. Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, has agreed to sell its stake in Hulu for at least $5.8 billion.

Under the deal, NBCUniversal will continue to license content to Hulu through late 2024. Although, starting next year, NBCUniversal will have the option to remove programming previously licensed exclusively to Hulu. As soon as 2022, NBCUniversal will have the option to cancel most of its content-licensing agreements with Hulu.

With NBCUniversal set to launch a new free ad-supported streaming service next year, expect them to take full advantage of removing content from Hulu.

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