Ahoy Comics August 2019 Solicitations

(W) Tom Peyer, Paul Constant
(A) Chris Giarrusso, Fred Harper
(C) Richard Williams
Evil-doers impersonate Hashtag: Danger—but who are the victims? Our heroes, or the luckless bad guys who have to walk in their shoes? PLUS: Over-the-hill comedian Snelson confronts a heckler! EXTRA! Unusual short prose stories, beautifully illustrated.
Painted cover by Richard Williams (MAD, Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror)
August 7, 2019

(W) Mark Russell
(A) Richard Pace, TBD
Cover: Amanda Conner
The book everyone’s talking about! When a weirdo stalks and threatens Sunstar’s girlfriend, Jesus tries to prevent the superhero from succumbing to rage—but God has other plans. Plus AHOY’s customary offerings of illustrated short prose fiction.
August 14, 2019

(W) Stuart Moore
(A) Alberto Ponticelli, Shawn Crystal
(C) Alberto Ponticelli
AHOY’s grindhouse sensation puts the pedal to the metal and speeds toward a shocking climax! Barbarians vs. Martians! Father vs. son! Ape vs. certain death! All this plus a lurking horror from beneath the sea! Also, in a special back-feature with art by Shawn Crystal (Deadpool): Can you figure out WHO IS THE MOON-THING? And the customary AHOY prose stories.
August 21, 2019

(W) Paul Constant
(A) Alan Robinson, Randy Elliott
(C) Alan Robinson
Final issue! The thawed-out jocks from the ’80s fall into Alvin the nerd’s clutches as he prepares to destroy innocent lives. In a special back-feature, Alvin’s superhero fantasies mask his most evil scheme. PLUS! The prose and illustrations you expect from AHOY comic magazines.
August 28, 2019

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