Tom Brevoort Admits Marvel #1000 Is A Made Up Number

Marvel Comics has been teasing an upcoming project all week and they’ve finally scored a big reveal in The New York Times. To celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary, they’re releasing Marvel #1000, an 80 page anthology with 80 creative teams including 11 Al Ewings. Each page will cover a different year in the company’s history.

One thousand issues is a legendary feat. Releasing monthly, it would take roughly 84 years to reach that goal. For example, DC Comics released Action Comics #1000 in April 2018 and Detective Comics #1000 in March 2019. Marvel Comics, formerly Timely Comics, started published in 1939, which is only 80 years ago instead of the 84 needed on a monthly basis. But who’s counting? Certainly not Marvel’s executive editor and senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort.

“More than anything, it was a symbolic thing.”

Symbolically trying to get the sales DC’s anniversary comics did, that is.

Marvel #1000 is set to release in August 2019.


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