An EXXXCLUSIVE Interview With The Guy Who Designed The Marvel #1000 Ads

After our coverage of Marvel Comics’ announcement of Marvel #1000’s infinite amount of creators, comicspit had an EXXXCLUSIVE chance to sit down with the designer of the Marvel #1000 announcement ads.

Tim Midura: Can you introduce yourself?

Tony Perlmutter: Well, my name is Tony Perlmutter. You may know my dad. He got me this gig so my parole officer would get off my back. I used to work at a 24 hours Starbucks inside the Rivers Casino until one too many started to know who Two Ton Front Perls was, if you know what I’m saying. I used to stuff teepee in the toilets so i didn’t have to keep cleaning that bathrooms and play the slots with the boys. I love the boys.

Tim Midura: The Boys? The Garth Ennis comic? Or something else?

Tony Perlmutter: Those were days. Just me, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al, Al Ewing, Mark Waid, And Danny Slots (of course!)

I’m just happy to be working with the boys again. And also being out of jail for destroying public property in the computer lab at my library. I don’t technology too good, I’m more of a hot dog guy, myself, if you know what i mean.

Always preferred a meat casing in my back pocket over a smart phone. What do I need one for? I’m too rich for friends, my father hasn’t talked to me directly since I was 7, and the casinos have tiny screens on each machine that has ESPN.

Tim Midura: I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but we’re here to talk about your graphic design at marvel. Can we talk about your creative process?

Tony Perlmutter: Oh that? Well they wouldn’t tell me what the announcement was about. So i went ahead and got all the creators into one place, the men’s locker room.

Tim Midura: Marvel has a men’s locker room?

Tony Perlmutter: It started off as a copy room for mark Waid to blow off hot steam and then Dan Slott started using it and next thing my dad knew, the room was always musky and damp. So it was cheaper to call it a locker room on paper.

I asked all the boys what in the heck this Marvel #1000 was about. And not one of the Al Ewing decuplets had an idea. They were just upset that one of them was writing three books that didn’t seem entirely fair.

Tim Midura: So once all the creators were gathered, what happened next?

Tony Perlmutter: It occurred to us that none of us knew what we were making and what I should put as a teaser. And my dad already let it slide last time when I just typed up Jonathan Hickman’s name on a poster and called it a day.

I heard there were some ladies there too but between all the locker room meeting musk and the Al Ewings’ heads bobbling about, I really had to look hard to see them.

Eventually my dad started paging me for the proofs, so we forced local nerd Donny Baby Cates to just use assets from the 1999 Avengers Forever books off of Kurt Busiek’s computer to whip up some teasers so me and the boys (and could have been some ladies, I didn’t look too hard) could go the slots

Tim Midura: So you rushed the art so you could go to the casino?

Tony Perlmutter: It’s the Marvel Way, Tim.

Tim Midura: Is there anything else you want to add?

Tony Perlmutter: Even though I’m not quite sure what I was supposed to be designing I’m very excited for the boys. I’m also excited to point out we made an initiative to be more diverse so for every woman we may or may not have put on a book, we also gave one to Al Ewing.

And for anyone who’s looking into graphic design to get their parole officer off their back, you can find some really cool fonts just off the Word program. Have you seen that Chiller one? Can’t wait to make Donny Baby Cates use that one next time.

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