‘Star Trek’ Boldly Planning Expansion Beyond TV & Streaming

Star Trek is planning to go beyond again. This time the plans are to go beyond the current and planned streaming and TV series. To do this, CBS has launched a new business unit dedicated to this Federation expansion, which will be headed by CBS veteran Veronica Hart. Hart will work with current Trek streaming/TV guru Alex Kurtzman to make it so.

How will they do this? Are they programming for the Beta, Gamma, or Delta Quadrants? Well, maybe not that bold. This is how The Hollywood Reporter describes this move:

The group will explore ways to grow the Star Trek fan community via additional branding opportunities, including podcasts, a revamped StarTrek.com, new digital spaces, consumer products (including video games) and live events.

Not buzz-wordy enough for you? How about a serving of Kurtzman:

“As we expand the Trekverse, Veronica’s team and Secret Hideout are dedicated to broadening Star Trek‘s brand reach by amplifying its core values globally: empowerment, inclusion, imagination and above all, the exceptional storytelling that’s inspired generations of fans”

We’ll see if this expedition into strange new worlds is a success. It doesn’t seem they are charting a new course for the big screen though…

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