Rob Liefeld Wants More Money For His Brigade Kickstarter Which Hasn’t Produced Anything In 6 Years

In 2013, Rob “The Rob” Liefeld launched a Kickstarter for a new Brigade comic. If you’re not familiar with Brigade, it’s not important. Liefeld raised $35,343 from 562 backers. The estimated delivery date for the comic was October 2013. But that date came and went. Sometimes life gets in the way, right?

Now it’s been 6 years since the Kickstarter ended and no one has received the comic, with some people still struggling to get a refund.

In his latest update, Liefeld lets backers know what’s going on and gives them the chance to give him more money!

I’m awaiting final approval on 2 images for the Kickstarter Brigade Exclusive Cover as they feature guest characters that are now a part of this BRIGADE launch.

Why guest stars? Because I’m trying to make something that has become stale and sour onto something fresh and viable.

I’ll be opening up the Kickstarter Brigade Exclusive covers for purchase only by YOU! Only you on this platform will be allowed to order extras of this magnificent product. Tuesday May 14 is when I will reveal the cover. Then I’ll have details if you want to order extra copies of this edition as it will go nowhere but you backers!


One of the comments on the update sums up the situation nicely. David Zuzelo says:

You are offering to let us buy more, Rob? I’ve requested refunds for the third summer in a row. I’ve asked about the status of my 125 dollar pledge to silence. This is beyond anything else so far. Your buyers here are going to have a chance to purchase more? Please clarify this, preferably in public.

If you’re feeling generous and want to give a millionaire money, check the Kickstarter here. Or do something better and donate to the CBLDF instead.

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