In Late April Fool’s Joke, Rob Liefeld Says Image United Will Continue

Image United is a six issue mini-series first released in 2009, published by Image Comics. The series was legendary as it brought together all the Image brass to jam on a single comic. Contributors include Robert Kirkman, Whilce Portacio, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, and Todd McFarlane.

But somewhere along the way, the series hit a snag. The first issue came out in November 2009. The second issue was released in December 2009. The third issue released in August 2010. Then nothing. There’s been rumblings over the years, along with blame being placed.

But it looks like Liefeld is attempting to revive the long-dead series. In a recent interview, Liefeld said that the long-delayed series will be finished some day.

I have a lot of pages. Image United will be completed. I don’t want to give a date but I haven’t given up. I got messages today on my Twitter feed, asking me to finish it up. Look, some things just take more time and this one got caught up in some people who got less enthused with it quickly. I’m not one of them. What it’s going to require is for me to do about 10-15 pages, finish everything that I have from one of the issues, maybe lightly pencil and help out what else is on the page, and then go and make a mass presentation. It’s something I’ve discussed with Robert Kirkman but nobody’s going to take it seriously until the work is done.

At this point in time, we know Liefeld is too busy enjoying the success of the Deadpool movie to actually work on Image United, but in a world where Liefeld appeared in a Levi’s ad, anything can happen.

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