Scream in Utter Terror at the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ trailer!

You thought you were safe. You aren’t. You thought they were just rumors. No, they are true. The trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog is here, and God help us all.

Video game movies are a fickle bunch. You either join live-action movie of Super Mario Bros. (1991), become Mortal Kombat (1995), or join the collection of adaptations you forgot existed (remember last year’s Tomb Raider? I thought so). Where will this movie land?

Other than Jim Carrey’s performance of Dr. Robonik (or Eggman) which looks like he might be going the route as the late great Raul Julia did as General M Bison did in 1994’s Street Fighter (ham the acting to an 11 and eat the entire movie with your performance).

Here’s the trailer:

Sonic the Hedgehog will go fast out of theaters probably starting November– something.

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