Noah Centineo Has the Power of He-Man! For Realz Now– Officially!

So a few months back Noah Centineo was reportedly going to be He-Man in Sony’s relaunched Masters of the Universe film. The thing is though it wasn’t really official as revealed when Sony pushed the film back to 2020.

Well, now it is. We hope. The actor himself confirmed the news when he was on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Here’s the video:

So there you have it. But now the question is who will be Skeletor? Wait… will Skeletor be in this one? I sort of lost count with the numerous drafts and one had Skeletor only teased at the end of one script. Perhaps it’s best that way, since whomever is cast as Skeletor will have topple the performance Frank Langella gave in the 1987 movie:

Yep, I don’t think it can be done. Unless…. you recast Frank Langella to voice Skeletor? Yeeeeeessss, see that’s the way you have to go Sony! Plus casting Dolph Lundgren as King Grayskull might win some points too. I’m just saying.

Sony’s Masters of the Universe will come– sometime in 2020. We think. Probably not, but it just might! We shall see. Until then, one can just watch the 1987 movie, because it’s so damn good!

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