‘Avengers: Endgame’ Leaves Box Office Records In The Dust

Marvel Studios hasn’t committed to any X-Men films yet but they already have a juggernaut in the theaters. According to box office estimates, Avengers: Endgame broke several box office records in its debut weekend. The worldwide opening weekend box office take for Endgame is estimated to be $1.2 billion dusting the previous record held by its predecessor Avengers: Infinity War of $640.5 million and was the fastest film to hit a billion dollars after just five days on the market.

The film also had the largest domestic opening at $350 million, blowing past its predecessor (again) which had its domestic opening at $257.69 million. It also had the largest opening Friday and single day at $156.7 million, forcing the previous record holder Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($119.1 million) out of the top spot. These are among the over dozen records set by Endgame.

We’ll see how it ends up after end of Endgame’s run… But wow.

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