New Marvel Animated Series In The Works Bringing Back Characters Not Done In Decades

Newsarama held an interview with Marvel Animation VP Cort Lane in which the executive teased some upcoming animated projects. Lane talked about what is coming up in some current series including the Superior Spider-Man and Goblin War arcs in Spider-Man; the Black Vortex story (very different form the comics which it was named for) in Guardians of the Galaxy; and upcoming chapters of Marvel Rising. The VP also teased what is planned for the future.

While Lane was “not allowed” to say what the “next few” series are in the works at Marvel Animation he did say this about them:

“I’m not allowed to reveal the next few series that are coming up – but there are new shows in the works about characters and properties we haven’t done series for in decades. That’s all I can say for now.

Obviously there’s a lot coming up. There’s so much changing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with the recent Fox acquisition, but I can’t get into specifics other than to say there will be announcements coming later this summer.”

Interesting that he mentioned both the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which recent animation efforts seem to draw inspiration from, but also Fox. Could we be seeing some Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, or X-Men? Guess we’ll find out this Summer. What characters and series would you like to see?

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