The Killer of Heroes in Crisis Revealed in #8!!! *SPOILERS*

Yesterday, the first spoilers to Heroes in Crisis #8 hit and revealed the killer. Today the pages were posted online to justify the revelations shown yesterday as simply disregarding it as hearsay. I just mulled over the last half hour to not spoil them or not myself.

Everytime, I try to justify a good element about it, the writing of it just smashes me in the face. The utter grit and darkness that this comic is just overwhelming blah. If this comic was telling an actual good story, I wouldn’t even be posting this very article. I wouldn’t even be spoiling the twist. But you know me, if I don’t like something and if I know the knowledge, I’LL SAVE YA THE TROUBLE!

This comic doesn’t deserve to keep quiet about. It deserves EVERY turn to be compared and lumped into War Games, War Crimes, Identity Crisis, Amazons Attack!, Cry for Justice!, Rise of Arsenal, Titans (aka the run that started off by killing Ryan Choi), and various Teen Titans runs of grit, to the poor souls who bought those comics. I just can’t stomach seeing anyone buying this one. I cannot condone anyone justifiably buying this issue. So I’m just going to post the twist myself, because if DC Comics are gonna be a dick by publishing this comic, I can be one as well.

So enough of my justifying reasons for doing so. You clicked because you want the spoilers? WELL HERE THEY ARE…

Now if you did click this article by accident. One last warning.

I did warn you.

Wally West is the killer. No red herring. No twists. Wally West, the Flash, snapped and accidentally killed the heroes/villains who stayed at Sanctuary. He then knowingly framed Booster Gold and Harley Quinn for the crimes while also leaving clues to distract the heroes.

It was Wally who leaked the information of Sanctuary to Lois Lane.

Don’t believe me?

So there you have it. DC Comics officially slapping the faces of all the fans who came back thanks to the Rebirth one-shot and now flipping them the bird by turning a beloved hero into a mass murdering nutcase.

You’ve literally become the arch nemesis of Wally West, Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom. DC when you’re writing about stories that basically proving the villain right, and even the entire point of the writer who created said villain. Yeah….



There were various ways to write Wally having a breakdown. Better ways. But nope, you’ve gone and created a modern day Hal Jordan story that will polarize fans into hating this run. I pray that people will answer with their dollar and not buy this comic. And are VERY vocal at conventions this year asking them to retcon this entire comic.

This story has been a slap in a face to all the characters involved. It deserves to be retconned.

As for this comic, I guess the only thing left is for Wally to fake his death and join a certain SQUAD right? PIP! PIP! You know, Bleeding Cool was right. They were so spot on with this. They predicted every single plot detail to this comic- and nothing was changed.

Editors approved of this comic. Higher up’s approved of this comic. Just like ironically enough EDITORS APPROVED OF THIS ARTICLE (yes, I know it’s shocking enough to know I have editors!)!!

They thought this was a comic people would enjoy?

No a comic people enjoy just happens to be Doomsday Clock or Metal. This comic is far from that spectrum of enjoyment. Or you know that encouraging Rebirth one-shot.

Let’s here those words of encouragement now shall we at this revelation of who the killer in Heroes in Crisis now is?

And yet I still stand to the fact I have to review this entire comic.

Fuck me….


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