‘Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath’ Comic Explores… The Past

Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up its second season with a pretty big status quo change. What will fans do while waiting for the third season to launch? Well, IDW has something for them, which takes place after the end of the second season… a comic mini-series that explores the past! Well, the past of Spock and his adoptive sister and star of Star Trek: Discovery, Michael Burnham anyway. We guess they didn’t deal with that enough in the streamed series.

Here’s how the publisher describes the comic:

In the aftermath of the 2019 finale, everything in Discovery has changed, and as L’Rell and Pike try to negotiate a fragile peace, Spock finds himself grappling with the fallout from what happened with Michael Burnham – and the mysteries about her still left to unravel.

Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath is a three-issue mini-series co-written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson with art by Tony Shasteen, the same team that produced 2017’s Star Trek: Discovery – The Light of Kahless mini-series. It will be out… well, they haven’t announced that yet, but hopefully it won’t be hundreds of years from now…

Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath #1 cover featuring Captain Pike, hobo Spock, Michael Burnham, Saru

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