Oni Press July 2019 Solicitations

(W) Katie O’Neill (A/CA) Katie O’Neill
Revisit the enchanting world of Tea Dragons with an all-new companion story to the two-time Eisner Award-winning graphic novel The Tea Dragon Society!
Rinn has grown up with the Tea Dragons that inhabit their village, but stumbling across a real dragon turns out to be a different matter entirely! Aedhan is a young dragon who was appointed to protect the village but fell asleep in the forest eighty years ago. With the aid of Rinn’s adventuring uncle Erik and his partner Hesekiel, they investigate the mystery of his enchanted sleep, but Rinn’s real challenge is to help Aedhan come to terms with feeling that he cannot get back the time he has lost.
Critically acclaimed graphic novelist Katie O’Neill delivers another charming, gentle fantasy story about finding your purpose, and the community that helps you along the way.
In Shops: Sep 18, 2019

(W) Isabella Rotman, Heather Corinna (A/CA) Isabella Rotman
Join friends Malia, Rico, Max, Sam and Alexis as they talk about all the weird and exciting parts of growing up! This supportive group of friends are guides for some tricky subjects. Using comics, activities and examples, they give encouragement and context for new and confusing feelings and experiences.
Inclusive of different kinds of genders, sexualities, and other identities, they talk about important topics like:

  • Bodies, including puberty, body parts and body image
  • Sexual and gender identity
  • Gender roles and stereotypes
  • Crushes, relationships, and sexual feelings
  • Boundaries and consent
  • The media and cultural messages, specifically around bodies and sex
  • How to be sensitive, kind, accepting, and mature
  • Where to look for more information, support and help
    A fun and easy-to-read guide from expert sex educators that gives readers a good basis and an age-appropriate start with sex, bodies and relationships education! The perfect complement to any school curriculum.
    In Shops: Sep 11, 2019

(W) Eric Trueheart (CA) Fred Stresing (A/CA) Warren Wucinich (Variant) Cab
The epic journey of Little Meat Man starts here! Who is Little Mean Man? Why is Little Meat Man? And why does ZIM love him so? HE LOVES HIM SO MUCH!
In Shops: Jul 17, 2019

(W) Magdalene Visaggio (A/CA) Claudia Aguirre
It’s the end of the world, and the Sick Sisters are outflanked, outnumbered, and massively outgunned. When everything is falling apart around them, can they protect what’s most important to them?
In Shops: Jul 10, 2019

(W) Dylan Meconis, Ben Coleman (CA) Fred Stresing (A/CA) Ea Denich
The Long Con-clusion! Victor and Dez finally come face to face with the nefarious Special Guest and confront him for his crimes against the Con. But when the true, breathtaking scope of his conspiracy is revealed, our heroes must call upon all their allies (and some of their more emotionally vulnerable enemies)-to defeat the dark intelligence responsible for the apocalypse itself.
In Shops: Jul 03, 2019

(W) Kyle Starks (A) Philip Murphy (A/CA) Marc Ellerby (Variant) Savanna Ganucheau, Sarah Stern
In “The Mortian,” Morty’s crash landed on a random planet, and he’s all by himself… just waiting for Rick to rescue him… when he runs into a race of cute alien creatures. How badly is he gonna screw this entire place up?
In Shops: Jul 31, 2019

(W) Zander Cannon (A/CA) Zander Cannon
Scaly is the New Black as we timidly venture into KAIJUMAX’s sister location and meet its terrifying residents. After murdering her abusive inmate boyfriend and unable to scale back down to human size, former prison physician Dr. Zhang joins a collection of uranium addicts, violent offenders, con artists, Lovecraftian horrors, and metaphors for human encroachment in the heretofore unseen female wing of Kaijumax. New and returning kaiju assimilate into their respective species, join gangs, and establish their various prison hustles while the underfunded and overextended 5-robot prison administration scrambles to keep them under control.
In Shops: Sep 25, 2019

(W) Ted Naifeh (A/CA) Warren Wucinich
For fans of The Graveyard Book and Through the Woods comes a different kind of YA fantasy graphic novel, in which a teen boy’s search for his destiny leads him into darkness.
In Shops: Sep 18, 2019

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