Disney Applies Schrödinger’s Method to ‘New Mutants’ film!

Just when you thought we’d finally see New Mutants this year in 2019, Disney apparently has pulled the film from its August 2nd release date. This isn’t the first time that New Mutants has been pulled as the film has been hampered with delays, originally intended to be out in April 2018! Heck, the first trailer to the movie was all the way back in October 2017 when the OH! still existed!

This all springs from a new report from a source from Fox. No one has really listed where this anonymous source comes from. Just that every site has listed an “anonymous source” from Fox.

But, considering how the film was meant to have reshoots, which in turn never even taking place. Add, to that the film was just being pushed back to oblivion. It sounds in all likely the film will be dumped on a streaming service. Question is will it be Hulu or Disney +? That is the question which maybe we’ll get an answer to later this year.

Until then, New Mutants may be released or may not. It is the Schrödinger’s movie.

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