DC Cancels Orders for Lucha Explosiva! Figure Line!

During Toy Fair 2019, one of the few curious projects coming from DC Collectibles was their Lucha Explosiva! action figure line. The line used lucha libre (Mexican Wrestling) as inspiration for various DC characters. Yesterday however, comic stores were given a cancellation notice from the company stating, “these items will not be resolicited.”

The first wave of figures for the line would have included Batman, Wonder Woman,
Superman, Metallo II, Wonder Woman, and Cheetah. Here’s a pic from the Toy Fair that showed off the line:

Curiously, orders on Amazon and Big Bad Toy Store are still up. So the line might live on in another way. Also how Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) or Bane, Hispanic characters with the later having many designs in media inspired by Lucha Libre wasn’t involved in this line is a mystery. Still, I digged the style this line had going for it and had Metallo II and Cheetah on preorder at my store. So this does indeed blow. We’ll keep you updated on the eventual fate of this toyline.

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