DC’s Year Of The Villain Issues To Get Cardstock Covers For Extra Dollar

DC Comics has released its July 2019 solicitations and included in the list are the DC Year Of The Villain covers, which will cost $4.99 instead of the (sadly) standard $3.99. For that extra dollar, you’re not getting more story, but instead getting thicker covers printed on cardstock. Not better quality stories, but more bells and whistles because people love bells and whistles.

DC Publisher Dan DiDio told retailers, “We wanted to do something special for Year of the Villain tie-in issues. If we find that fans and retailers support the added collector’s value we may continue and expand the program.”

The issues that are available with the variant cardstock covers include Action Comics #1013, Aquaman #50, Batgirl #37, Batman #75, Batman and the Outsiders #3, Catwoman #13, Deathstroke #45, Dceased #3, Detective Comics #1008, The Flash #75, Harley Quinn #63, Hawkman #14, Justice League #27, Justice League Dark #13, Nightwing #62, Red Hood: Outlaw #36, Supergirl #32, Superman #13, Teen Titans #32, The Terrifics #18, and Wonder Woman #75.


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