Yet Another Darth Vader Mini-Series & A New Direction For The Ongoing Comic

The Star Wars Celebration event not only brought new information on the movie, streaming, and animation front, but also on the publication front. For Comics Pitters that also includes comics. There were some updates on previously announced projects such as the “Age of” one-shots, Star Wars: TIE Fighter, and the Galaxy’s Edge mini, but there was also some news.

Back in February, it was announced that Marvel would be publishing a one-shot issue that added on to the original Marvel Star Wars run with an issue #108. It seemed a bit odd, but interesting. That issue, out in May, will re-introduce readers to the giant bunny Jaxxon, and the cyborg bounty hunter Valence. Well, perhaps there was a reason for that. In July, Marvel will be publishing yet another mini-series featuring Darth Vader titled Target Vader, and also featuring Valence:


Valence, who first appeared in Marvel’s classic Star Wars #16 in 1977 as a cyborg bounty hunter with a vendetta against Darth Vader, is the story’s central figure. “This is a deeper dive into the criminal underworld, and it’s all about Valence and a crew of bounty hunters coming together to pull an impossible job, really: hunting down the Dark Lord of the Sith.” His look has been updated, but with nods to his original outfit. And [assistant editor] Groneman promises that Valence, a skilled fighter, will be more than a match for Vader.

Target Vader #1, the first of a six-issue mini-series, will be written by Robbie Thompson, with art by Marc Laming, with covers by Nic Klein, is out in July.

While not new, it was also announced that the ongoing Marvel Star Wars comic will be getting a new direction in the form of a creative team change. Starting with issue #68, Greg Pak will be taking over the writing duties for the title from Kieron Gillen; and Phil Noto will be succeeding Angel Unzueta on art. It looks like it will involve the Imperial probe droids launched in Empire Strikes Back. This also happens in July.






We’re sure there will be more Marvel Star Wars comics to announce, for in another panel, it was revealed that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will get its own “Journey to…” publications like the previous two movies did.

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