Mark Millar To Boost New Series Space Bandits Sales With 75 Cent Variant Issues

Netflix and Mark Millar have announced their latest series of storyboards to release ahead of a TV show with Space Bandits. Written by Millar, with art by Matteo Scalera, the series is described as “a female ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ set in space with a massive and exciting cast of characters.” Millar also said:

“In a world with a billion superhero properties and gloomy, rain-soaked dystopian sci-fi, there’s a gap in the market for sci-fi that’s upbeat and fun. I wanted to combine all this into a big, high-octane story.”

The first issue will also ship with a variant cover by Howard Chaykin, which will retail for $0.75 as opposed to the standard cover by Scalera, which will cost $3.99. Each issue will feature a variant cover which will cost only $0.75.

Chaykin’s cover has drawn some criticism from the internet regarding its similarities to the Black Mask series Oh Shit! It’s Kim & Kim, whose writer, Mags Visaggio took to Twitter.

See the two covers below .

Space Bandits #1 is set to release July 3. No release date for the Netflix version has been announced.

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