Marvel Teases ‘Acts Of Evil!’

Marvel editor Chris Robinson tweeted out a cryptic image of a red banner and the text “Acts of Evil!”.

Aside from the month of July, which by which we should get more details, there isn’t any other information provided. The image, however, very much resembles the banner seen in many a Marvel comic cover, which tied into the 1989 Marvel crossover event “Acts of Vengeance!”.

Acts of Vengeance! Omnibus cover

Acts of Vengeance! was a 70+ issue crossover event that introduced the team of super-villains called the Prime Movers, who organized other villains and pit them against heroes that were unfamiliar with them. It’s unknown if Acts of Evil! will follow a similar formula or span as many issues, but one would probably guess it is something similar just by the logo.

We’ll find out we guess. Seems like a good year for villains, as over at the Distinguished Competition, they will be celebrating the “Year of the Villain“.

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