Hellboy (2019) Video Review

I had hopes for this movie. I really did. But fate it seems chose a different path for this new Hellboy movie. Originally, I intended to see this movie with a friend, but fate was kind to him sparing him the viewing of this film. I asked another friend, and they too were denied by fate to see this film. Maybe fate was telling me not to see this movie. But I refused to yield.


So I decided to see this film alone by myself. When I arrived at the theater and the available in where I could sit was entirely open, I gasped. This movie couldn’t be that bad? This was Hellboy, based on Mike Mignola’s work. Surely it will be good right? RIGHT?

Then the movie began…

The video review what follows was the journey to attain one.

Even now in the aftermath I still cringe at what I saw. This was a bad movie. An utter disappointment. This was a movie you’d expect from the late 90s, not now. If you want to see a Hellboy film it’s just better to watch the live-action Guillermo Del Toro movies, or animated movies (that feature the live-action cast reprising their roles). It’s better than to see this mess of a movie.

2 out of 5

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