Batdong Strikes Again As Batman: Damned #3 Delayed Another Month

Batman Damned #1, by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, was the first release under DC Comics mature Black Label imprint, popping out September 2018. So mature that Batman was seen totally hanging dong and we learned what Catwoman saw in him. The response was so great that even Stephen Colbert was talking about Batdong on The Late Show.

DC Comics didn’t like all the press surrounding Batdong, so it had the digital copies of Batman Damned #1 edited to remove the offensive member. Batman Damned #2 was delayed so Bermejo could paint new panels for the issue, eventually coming out December 5, instead of November 21.

Batman Damned #3 must’ve been a full dongapolooza as the issue was first solicited for January 2019 and then March 2019. In February, DC cancelled all orders for the title, which was later resolicited for May 2019. Now, it’s supposedly going to release June 19, 2019.

At this point, we just expect the issue to be blank pages where Bruce Wayne’s penis used to be.

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