Aubrey Sitterson Fights His Way Back To Monthly Comics With No One Left To Fight

Writer Aubrey Sitterson is returning to monthly comics with No One Left To Fight. Joined by artist Fico Ossio, the five-issue mini-series tells the story of a group of child superheroes who are grown up and have to figure out what to do now. In a press release, Sitterson said:

“Through series like Hellboy, Sin City, and Concrete Dark Horse fostered my dream to write comics, so an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of those series – as well as newer ones, like Black Hammer – is an honor that I don’t take lightly. I’m also thrilled that after years of admiring his detailed, expressive artwork from afar, not only do I finally get an opportunity to work with my friend Fico Ossio, but it’s on a creator-owned book that means so much to the both of us. No One Left To Fight takes everything we love about the greatest fighting series of all time, Dragon Ball, and puts it into the service of something new, a story about growing older, coming to grips with the choices you’ve made, and learning to appreciate what all your trials and tribulations have afforded you. With lots of explosive, earth-shattering action, obviously.”

Taking inspiration from classic manga and anime, No One Left To Fight is a tale of regret, resentment, and growing older as a team of heroes grapple with what their purpose is in a world that no longer needs their protection.

No One Left To Fight #1 is set to release July 3, 2019 from Dark Horse Comics.

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