Hope Springs Eternal: An Interview with Dirk Manning!!

Ever since the Outhousers began, one of the first interviews the website had was with the writer in black himself, comic book writer Dirk Manning. I remember that interview and then his subsequent appearances on the OH! Pirate Podcast throughout its run and they were all glorious. So being that this is a new website, and I feel it fully ironic that for my first interview for this website shouldn’t be without an Interview with Dirk Manning.

At C2E2 2019 just a few weeks ago, I sat down with him to talk about his two latest projects: Hope (which was in the closing stages of its Kickstarter today and has achieved
$29,076  total in funding) that he’s doing with artist K. Lynn Smith (who makes an appearance in the interview as well) and Twiztid: the Haunted High-Ons with artists Marianna Pescosta and Alessandro de Fornasari.

Here’s the interview (and I totally screwed up remembering the name to the Haunted High-Ons to which I apologize because I am an idiot. Secondly this interview should have been out yesterday, but due to how massive the file was on mp4 I had to transfer it to a wmv to make it easier to upload. Again me = idiot):

Again, many thanks to Dirk Manning for the interview.

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