Super-Abled Comics: An Interview With Trace Wilson

Super-Abled Comics is a comics anthology about superheroes with disabilities, from creators with disabilities. Organized by Travis Rivas, the anthology features stories by Rivas, Mauricio Campetella, Jasen Smith, Brian Marquez, Kenneth Barr, Brady Ann Parham, Sarah Tuberty, Caroline Nolasco, Trace Wilson, Sarah Fletcher, Jake Adams, Jacob Newell, Kim Stumbo, and Willie Wofford.

The Kickstarter for Super-Abled Comics is live now and has already hit its goal. I interviewed Trace Wilson about his contribution to the anthology Rebuilt to learn more about it.

Tim Midura: Your contribution to Super-Abled Comics is a story titled Rebuilt. Can you tell me more about it?

Trace Wilson: Rebuilt follows a young woman named Natalie who, with the help of a biomechanical scientist, undergoes experimental surgery after losing her right arm and left leg in an accident. Not only does the surgery give her a new arm and leg, but powers as well!

TM: What made you want to be a part of this anthology?

TW: I am a congenital amputee, having been born without a right hand, and I strive every day to turn my limb difference into an advantage. I am a children’s author, and my books are meant to help kids with disabilities understand, accept, and love their unique differences! I saw an opportunity with Super-Abled Comics, to broaden the reach of my message and to increase both awareness and representation for those with limb differences by portraying them as superheroes.

TM: How did you connect with artist Sarah Fletcher?

TW: I was actually introduced to a Facebook group meant to connect comic book writers with artists and illustrators, and after sorting through a few dozen artists I found Sarah! I loved her art style immediately, and thought it was really representative of what I was looking for with Rebuilt. It turns out that hunch was correct, because every page looks incredible!

TM: Can you talk about your history with comics?

TW: I’ve read comics since I was little, and have always enjoyed losing myself in a good comic, and the worlds of my favorite heroes and villains. However, I certainly never expected to be involved with such an incredible project as Super-Abled Comics, or to have written a superhero comic myself! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing Natalie and the story of Rebuilt go from an idea in my head to a full-fledged comic.

TM: What’s your ultimate goal with Rebuilt?

TW: My goal for Rebuilt is to help and empower those with disabilities and differences – to show them that there are superheroes like them, and that what some may see as a hindrance can become their greatest strength!

To check out the Kickstarter for Super-Abled Comics, click here.

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