Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, And Tyler Crook Combine Horror And Humor In Manor Black

Cullen Bunn sure does love his horror titles. His latest, Manor Black, comes from Dark Horse Comics and co-writer Brian Hurtt and artist Tyler Crook. The series is described by Patton Oswalt as “a soapy, eerie new comic that delivers as many laughs as it does jolts — often at the same time,”

Roman Black is the moribund patriarch of a family of powerful sorcerers. As his wicked and corrupt children fight over who will take the reins of Manor Black and represent the black arts, Roman adopts Ari, a young mage, who he gifts his powers to with the hope that someone good will take his place against the evil forces out to bring down his family and legacy.

Issue #1 of four is set to release July 31.

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