Smile, The ‘Joker’ Teaser Trailer Is Here

With each of DC‘s movie offerings apparently going their separate ways, with the whimsical Shazam! coming this week, DC is showing one of the “other” 52 ways their movies are going. Not content to have had a live-action Joker recently in the movies, and a version of Joker recently revealed for TV’s Gotham, we are also getting the Joaquin Phoenix version of Joker later this year. Now you can see for yourself the Joker in action in the teaser trailer for the movie simply titled “Joker“:

Earlier in the week, a poster was released teasing the trailer as well:

We’ll see if the movie works out as well as Leto’s version, and if we’ll have another movie with Leto starring, but for now you’ll get another darker Joker, okay? Joker will be released on October 4.


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