The Joker Revealed at Last for ‘Gotham’ finale!

Ever since the series’ inception, Gotham has always not only been teasing the birth of Batman, but also the origin of the Joker as well. From the Red Hood gang to various red herrings. We got our first true tease of the Joker with the debut of Jerome (played by Cameron Monaghan) to the series. What followed was various homages ranging from to Heath Ledger‘s portrayal in the “The Dark Knight”, Mark Hamill‘s turn, and a pretty good tip of the hat to Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo’s Joker in “Death of the Family”.

Then Jerome met his end, and his twin brother Jeremiah’s reign began (also played by Monaghan). This time more homages but to the other side of Joker media. From his very first appearance in comics to Caesar Romero‘s time as the Clown Prince of Crime, and Jack Nicholson‘s in the ’89 Batman movie. But was he really going to be the Joker?

Given what happened midway into the final season of the series with Jeremiah taking dip into some toxic chemicals and survive it the answer appeared to be: yes. Interestingly that same week Jeremiah took his chemical bath, an image popped up on the internet of possibly Gotham’s interpretation of the Joker. But given no source, I didn’t post it (I regret that now), because TODAY on April 1st Gotham reveals the Joker at last (and that image was a picture of this). For here is Gotham’s interpretation of the Joker at long last:

To add, Fox revealed this picture via their promo pic as well.

Okay, so I am not going to get any sleep tonight.

Gotham returns on April 18th for the first part of it’s series finale aptly called, “THEY DID WHAT?!”

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