C2E2 2019: A Look Back.

Ten years of C2E2.

I still can’t believe it. It just feels like yesterday I attended my first back in 2010. Yet, here we are. Ten years of a convention that basically has done a lot. My memories of each year are still very fresh in my mind. From the various interviews to the various sights to behold, and the events that transpired in a few that shaped me.

In that regard, when it came to “news” on the comic side of things it was rather light if you unless you were Marvel Comics. Like always they had a big presence here churning out announcements left and right. I couldn’t get one step in last Friday without my phone buzzing off with Marvel announcing something new. My personal favorite I’ll be looking forward to is the Death’s Head ongoing announced with Kei Zama on art and Tini Howard doing the writing.

DC Comics was a bit of a non-factor. I mean then again they were a few years at this convention. These things just happen. The other surprising thing was the lack of Image. Last year’s booth by the company was just burned into my mind (or maybe it was just the exclusive “Tiger Force” the Walking Dead figures they were giving out). So the ball was in the other indie companies hands and they sure as heck filled the vacuum filled by these lack of appearances for me.

But that’s the thing about C2E2. It just isn’t all about the comics. I mean there was a showing of the season premiere of the final season of Into the Badlands. But… I’ll wait till I can marathon a few of those episodes On Demand to tackle just one. What did strike my fancy was the showing AEW had here with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega promoting (and teasing future things) of their soon to be launching wrestling promotion. Likewise, the voice acting of Twisted Toonz was rather twisted with the inclusion of the Animaniacs voice cast joining Nolan North, Jennifer Hale, and E.G. Daily for some demented fun acting out National Lampoon’s Vacation (I shall forever never look at Tommy Pickles the same way again after this panel or Nolan North’s perfect spot-on performance as Gary Busey).

Then there were the other panels like Karaoke at Dark with the one and only tag team duo who could pull the amazing event off: Dirk Manning and Dan Dougherty. To see these two pull off an epic duet with RUN DMC was freaking epic. Add to that every contestant brought down the house with their song pick was also astounding. I mean just LOOK at this darn thing:

As always, the Artist’s Alley was to die for. I indulged a wee bit too much in it. But hey, you only live once. There was some breathtaking art to be had. Likewise, some nice stories to be hold. There was one in particular I finally got an answer to. Though I never asked myself personally I could take it as the answer without getting the person angry at me and well, I can live with that answer. I can understand it, and even if I don’t like it. At least I know of it now.

The other positive was just utterly geeking out of creators. Having a pair of them, honor me so greatly by saying, “You’re the fan that’s so understanding of these characters.” I had to gaw and squee a little at who said that to me. I only wish I got artist George Perez to sign my copy of Ultron Unlimited but his lines were just too great for me to conquer. Other friends I knew had it easy getting to him. Me? Not so much, but I digress I could have if I shown more initiative in waiting and not walking down the con floor.

Really, the only take-away I had wasn’t even the convention itself to blame. Just that CGC really needs to work on their new system. But I digress it was a new system, and they’re still working out the kinks to it. I do enjoy the texting portion of saying you can drop off things than just wait in line.

Other than that (and one interview). C2E2 as always was an amazing experience. To have to be among geeks. The convention has it all. Anime, manga, Video games, card games, comics, movies, tv, and even wrestling. It’s got it all, and here’s hoping for another ten more years and many more to C2E2!

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