‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ 2nd Half Pushed Slightly Back!

Coming out of WonderCon DC Universe panel yesterday came the announcement of when Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the popular animated series would be returning with new episodes on the streaming app.

Originally, the plan was for a June 2nd return, but that appears to be not in the cards as at the panel it was announced that the series would be returning on July 2nd, a month from the original

A month more isn’t going to hurt is it? Not when fans waited years for the series to return. Also an interesting tidbit from Wonder Con was that a new episode was shown and somehow no spoilers have slipped onto the internet– not even acknowledge THE SPOILER would be appearing in the episode. That’s a dedicated fan-base.

So yes, Young Justice: Outsiders will return on the DC Universe app with new episodes on July 2nd.

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