DC Universe Adds Entire DC Comic Library to Service!

During the WonderCon panel for the DC Universe streaming service, besides of course the knowledge when we’d be getting the 2nd half of Young Justice: Outsiders was this bit of news. The entire catalog of DC Comics over 80 years of comics will be added to the service starting in April.

So yes, at long last instead of a tiny sample size of comics that the app started off with. Viewers can read basically anything they want that DC Comics published. … Wait. Does that include Charlton Comics, Fawcett Comics, Vertigo, and Milestone Comics too (all of which DC bought, were loosely part of, or their more mature label)? *ahem*

For newer comics that means you’ll have access to the entire New 52 era, where it went all 90s for DC. To the better SUPERIOR Rebirth era. Of course to see how it all went wrong and hearken all the way back to Identity Crisis.

All this for, what $7.99 a month? That actually almost sounds like a good deal. If only the app was on the PS4 or X-Box One. So it be easier to watch the movies/TV shows the app has as well. It does mean more mileage for what you’re paying given that’s A LOT of DC Comics now that you have access too.

Though it seems newer comics won’t unlock for twelve months after they’ve been published. So– those looking for Detective Comics #1000 have a whole year to wait. Ah, the small price for reading most of the DC Comic library.


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