Mad Cave Studios: An ECCC ’19 Interview With Chris Sanchez

Mad Cave Studios is an independent comic book publisher from Miami, Florida, founded by writer Mark London. First launched in 2014, the studio currently publishes four titles: Battlecats, Midnight Task Force, Knights of the Golden Sun, and Honor and Curse. I sat down with Chris Sanchez, Mad Cave’s Communication & Digital Media Manager, to talk about the studio.

Tim: Mad Cave is currently publishing four titles. Can you give me a short pitch on each one.

Chris: Sure. Our first series was Battlecats. It’s a medieval fantasy sort of like Thundercats meets D&D. Midnight Task Force, our second series, is a cyberpunk detective thriller about a schizophrenic detective as he solves cases using the multiple voices in his head. Our third series, and our most popular, is Knights of the Golden Sun. Sort of a classic good vs evil, angels vs demons story, told between the Old Testament and the New. Our newest series is Honor and Curse, which is a supernatural shinobi thriller about a shinobi who’s being tormented by a tengu demon.

Tim: Mad Cave launched in 2014, but rebooted recently. What went into that decision?

Chris: We acquired Diamond Publishing, so now Diamond can now distribute our comics to every comic book shop. We decided now is a good time to re-edit the books, make sure they’re up to quality, and that we have a consistent schedule, so we’re not delayed which is a big problem for indies. We want to have the trust of the retailers and that’s why we rebooted about this time last year.

Tim: Mark London is the writer behind all these titles. Does he go out of his way to create a diverse line?

Chris: He started the company with one idea and when he had more ideas, he decided we didn’t want to be just the Battlecats guys or the Midnight guys. We wanted to be these fun, engaging action comics in all kinds of genres.

Tim: Mad Cave has other titles in the pipe line including Legends of Wolvenhart, RV9, and Nuke Lands. Can you touch on those at all?

Chris: I can touch on Wolvenhart a bit. It’s a series coming out later this year, written by Mark London. Kind of a time-traveling, monster slayer story.

Tim: With the new titles coming up, is Mark London going to be the writer on them or are you bringing on new writers?

Chris: Good question. We did a talent search last year that brought in five new writers and five new artists. Our next title is going to see the start of those projects being released.

Tim: What’s the future of Mad Cave?

Chris: The future of Mad Cave is growing more. Last year we published three IPs. This year we’re looking at about eight. Around October we’re planning on having multiple releases in a month. Multiple announcements and multiple writers and artists.

Tim: What’s the release schedule like right now?

Chris: Our release schedule right now is currently Knights and Honor releasing right now. Battlecats volume two is in Previews right now. So we’re focusing on one title. Then starting up our next one. But we’re getting to the point, where we have to release Honor and Curse in the middle of Knights’ run, so we kind of bracket those releases.

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